The Neovenator is a pretty neat dinosaur. It was likely the apex predator of its small island and has been quite thoroughly studied over. It was considered a graceful, elegant creature who even took care not to bite bones. We know this because its teeth were in good shape, compared to T-Rex for example whose teeth I imagine were regularly not in good shape thanks to their affinity for crushing bone.


The Neovenator has an interesting reputation in this area. It was graceful and agile, and didn’t weigh too much compared to its size. Despite this, it was the largest predator on its island which meant that it would probably have been terrifying to be hunted by a large but agile and careful hunter. Its skull had a fancy crest that supported sensory organs and its three clawed hands would have been quite dangerous.

Meaning:“New Hunter”
Discovered:Isle of Wight
Size:7 Meters long,
2.2 Meters tall.
Paleo Rating: 39/42
References:Info taken from: Neovenator – Wikipedia
Image from:
Neovenator – Wikipedia – Fred Wierum

Did you know?

Neovenator was thought to be a Megalosaurus originally.

Interesting Facts

  • The Neovenator’s sensory organs on its skull were for an unknown purpose. Other dinosaurs that had it include Allosaurus and most spinosaurids, but the spinosaurids used it mostly for hunting for fish in muddied waters. Neovenator was completely terrestrial, no fish hunting here.

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