From the late Jurassic time period, roughly 170 million years ago, Guanlong is a very neat dinosaur with some interesting features. It was found in an interesting place in China known for multicolored rocks, and two different specimen were found at once, an adult and a juvenile. Thanks to that, we’ve gained the ability to compare its overall growth to find out some useful information. While the Guanlong is overshadowed by its more famous cousin the Dilophosaurus, it is still a very cool dinosaur.


Guanlong features traits seen in other Proceratosauridae like a small body, thin stature, medium claws and arms, as well as some more unique traits like its interesting crest. Being the small dinosaur it was, it may have also had feathers like the Velociraptor, as depicted above.

Meaning:“Crown Dragon”
Size:3 Meters long,
1.1 Meters tall.
Paleo Rating: 39/42
References:Info taken from: Guanlong – Wikipedia
Image from:
Guanlong wucaii by durbed – Guanlong – Wikipedia

Did you know?

Guanlong is much closer to popular representations of Dilophosaurus the Dilophosaurus is itself.

Interesting Facts

  • The cool-looking crest on Guanlong grew up with the individual, with different stages of the crest being reached depending on the maturity of the dinosaur, and may have had a few different possible purposes. It could have been used for mating displays or for simple decoration, or may have had some other unknown use.
  • Guanlong shares some similarities with Tyrannosaurus, despite its size and Proceratosauridae nature. This is alluded too in the videogame “Fossil Fighters”, where it has an ability that allows it to transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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