The odd case of the Jobaria leaves much to be desired. Despite being over 95%(!) complete, relatively little study has been done on it and little is known about it. Not even the meaning of its name. This many bones are quite rare and paint an accurate picture of the animal in question so perhaps the paleontologist who found it need more funding. In either case, the Jobaria is an interesting sauropod, if not only for its anatomical completeness.


Among sauropods, the Jobaria lacks some of the finer features found on other sauropods like titanic size or interesting sails or spikes. Still, despite its lack of something truly unique to define it at a skin deep level, we cant be sure as to wether they were brightly coloured, had feathers or even had some other feature we couldn’t even guess at. Who knows what’s waiting to be found beneath our feet?

Size:18.2 Meters long,
12.7 Meters tall (estimate).
Paleo Rating: 20/42
References:Info taken from: Jobaria – Wikipedia
Image from:
Jobaria tiguidensis steveoc – Jobaria – Wikipedia – steveoc

Did you know?

Jobaria starts with a J, which is quite rare among dinosaur names.

Interesting Facts

  • Jobaria is almost conclusively theorized to have been able to stand on its hind legs like an elephant, which is quite a discovery and shows how close modern animals were to dinosaurs.
  • Not much else it known about Jobaria other than what I have here, except that perhaps the Wikipedia article states that its head looks like the head of a Camarasaurus, which is sort of an odd statement to make. Why exactly they thought that important to add, I’m not sure.

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