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The Fukuiraptor is one of the prides of Japan’s paleontology culture, featured across a wide range of media despite lacking truly unique characteristics. Found in a quarry, the holotype was the largest of the specimen but the smallest was only a foot or so tall. The quarry was in Fukui, hence its namesake.


Fukuiraptor was quite raptory (a technical term) but lacked some characteristics we commonly attribute to them like the distinctive toe claw. It had a long narrow snout and tail, with three clawed hands and feet. On the other hand, it was quite large and would be easily able to take on humans and most other raptors. It probably would have made a terrifying predator to paleolithic Japan.

Meaning:“Thief of Fukui”
Size:4.5 Meters long,
1.8 Meters tall.
Paleo Rating: 30/42
References:Info taken from: Fukuiraptor – Wikipedia
Image from:
Fukuiraptor – Wikipedia – N. Tamura

Did you know?

Fukuiraptor was closely related to the massive Megaraptor.

Interesting Facts

  • The Fukuiraptor likely lived in packs, as was likely common in raptors as evidenced by the fact that small individuals who were possibly adolescents were found with the larger ones.
  • Fukuiraptor is one of many dinosaurs names after Fukui.

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