The Lythronax is quite interesting for a number of reasons, including its rather vicious name meaning “Gore King”. With a name like that under its belt, you wouldn’t wanna meet it in a dark alleyway. Or at all.

One interesting thing about it is that it was discovered alongside another therapod named Teratophoneus that was also quite interesting and will soon get an article as well.


There is much to write about in its skull. It was strong, heavy and robust, but above all it was quite unique in its features. Unlike many tyrannosaurs. it widened at the front and was quite short and very broad. Additionally, its forehead and nose, so to speak, sloped downward in a very unusual fashion for a tyrannosaur. Other than its skull, it possessed many of the features of a tyrannosaur like small hands and a thick heavy tail for balancing the head.

Meaning:“Gore King”
Size:8 Meters long,
2.2 Meters tall (Estimate).
Paleo Rating: 39/42
References:Info taken from: Lythronax – Wikipedia
Image from:
The Guardian – Illustration: Andrey Atuchin

Did you know?

Lythronax had the power of depth perception, a rare thing for many animals.

Interesting Facts

  • The land it was found on was nearly going to be used for energy plants and coal mining before the US government re-preserved it after un-preserving it for some reason.
  • It was found alongside other dinosaurs that also share rather intense names, like Diabloceratops meaning “Devil-Horned Face” or Teratophoneus meaning “Monstrous Murderer”.

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