The Hatzegopteryx is cousin to the more well known Quetzalcoatlus, but likely dwarfs even it. Its massive skull and humongous wingspan are truly insane for a flying animal. It’s quite literally the size of a fighter jet, and is technically closely related to modern Giraffe. It likely ate small animals and dinosaurs, using its massive robust jaws to inflict giant amounts of damage.


The main feature of the Hatzegopteryx is its massive size, alongside its wings and beak. Its giant wings supported its light body in the air, and its clawed feet and hands helped it to grip the ground when it walked around. Its big beak was supported by its strong neck and torso, and it was more than capable of eating small animals. As with other pterosaurs and modern birds, it likely had feathers covering its body. Wether or not it had neck ornaments like above, we can’t be sure yet.

Meaning:“Hateg Basin Wing”
Size:10.5 Meters long,
12 Meter Wingspan.
Paleo Rating: 30/42
References:Info taken from: Hatzegopteryx – Wikipedia
Image from:
Unknown Deviant Artist, no findable source. Contact me if found.

Did you know?

The Hatzegopteryx is not actually a dinosaur, but Dinopedia is very inclusive of all species.

Interesting Facts

  • Hatzegopteryx is so big that it was likely the apex predator of its island, with most of the other inhabitants being small herbivores and dwarf versions of large ones.
  • Hatzegopteryx’s beak is particular large, robust, and its neck was as well. This points to a more aggressive lifestyle.
  • As with other massive pterosaurs, Hatzegopteryx likely needed to leap into the air before it was able to take off.

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