The iconic Carnotaurus is an interesting case. Gaining popularity through the second Jurassic park book and later through Jurassic World, the Carnotaurus has become a rising star among the public and dinosaur fans alike. It is thought to have been a speedy runner, filling the very same roll in the ecosystem as the cheetah does today.


In the realm of therapods, the Carnotaurus was quite lightly built and was roughly a medium sized carnivore. It features a distinctive short snout with a rounded head, iconic horns on its head and a slim physic. Its tail was stiff which allowed to have better straight-line speed but worse turning abilities. Among other traits, it also possesses similar traits to other Albeilosaur, as well as arms even shorter than those of the mighty T-Rex!

Meaning:“Meat Eating Bull”
Size:8 Meters long,
2.5 Meters tall.
Paleo Rating: 40/42
References:Info taken from: Carnotaurus – Wikipedia
Image from:
Carnotaurus 2017 – Carnotaurus – Wikipedia – Fred Wierum

Did you know?

Carnotaurus happens to be the favorite animal of the editor of Dinopedia42.

Interesting Facts

  • The Carnotaurus is thought to have had a tail that was rather stiff, which would have helped it to keep up straight-line speed but at the cost of diminished turning speed.
  • The Carnotaurus is thought to have locked heads or headbutted each other. This is supported by some evidence, including a reinforced cranial dome.
  • The horns of the Carnotaurus are unlikely to have been used for hunting, since this “would be the only reported example of horns being used as hunting weapons in animals” (Wikipedia, Carnotaurus)

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