The famous Brachiosaurus, named for its ginormous arms, has captured the attention of the entire world. Appearing in the ever so famous Jurassic Park, its on-screen debut and its massive size has led to it becoming a staple dinosaur among almost any dinosaur media (which is why it’s on this wiki). This huge sauropod, while not the biggest or most unique, even has an asteroid belt named after it.


Featuring the usual long neck of sauropods, the Brachiosaur’s other defining feature is its size. Among the higher estimates, it could have weighed over 60 tons and would have been 13 meters tall. While this estimate is rather high, even the lower estimates are enough to make your jaw drop. Few, animals, if any are bigger than it, the grey whale only weighing 27 tons. (Gray Whale | NOAA Fisheries)

Meaning:“Arm Lizard”
Size:21 Meters long,
13 Meters tall.
Paleo Rating: 33/42
References:Info taken from: Brachiosaurus – Wikipedia
Image from:
Brachiosaurus – Wikipedia

Did you know?

The first Brachiosaurs in Jurassic Park were entirely CGI.

Interesting Facts

  • It was once thought that Brachiosaurus was amphibious and could use its nostrils as snorkels underwater. Depending on the position of the nostrils, it may or may not be possible that it could enter the water for short periods of time, but evidence has proven that it was unlikely to have lived underwater.
  • Brachiosaurus likely kept its neck in an S shape and would not have been able to keep it horizontal for very long.

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